Our Approach to Building a High-Performance Team

Our model of what constitutes a high performing team is both experience and research based. Please note that we define “high performing” relatively conservatively – it exists when a team or organization achieves sustained and distinctively superior performance relative to other teams and organizations with whom it competes over time. The one really interesting and ultimate differentiator between HPTs and “also-rans” (“normal teams” or “groups that just work together” -- and presumably why HPTs are so relatively rare) is that it is essential that the members must also trust and respect one another. [Note this does not necessarily mean just being “nice to each other”, i.e., instead and more basically, they truly understand each other’s roles, skills, and challenges, and are inclined to be supportive and helpful].

Our Approach to Executive Coaching

Piccolino Associates, LLC takes a rigorous and very comprehensive approach to the executive coaching process. We typically structure the engagement in two broad phases: An assessment phase which entails some 4-8 weeks of data collection (peer review interviewing and psychometric exercises), which is then followed by a coaching phase which typically lasts 6-9 months. Two key deliverables are generated during the assessment phase: 1), a comprehensive summary report of our findings; and 2), an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that summarizes key learnings and action plans. We administer The Hogan Personality Inventory, a well researched on-line tool that assesses one’s public persona and leadership style, sources of satisfaction (or core values and drivers), as well as classic potential derailleur’s (often the so-called dark side of strengths that tend to be over used and that may emerge under conditions of high stress or fatigue).